Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I should know better...

But I found myself with a little 'down time' (I jest I know) so I took The New Hotness for a hike down to the old lighthouse. And by hike I mean hour and a half bushwack... I had regained my senses for the way back though so I took the well established trail, and that only took a half an hour ;o)

Ooooh look a froggy! This was my first live specimen. Have I mentioned how much I am in love with this camera even though I don't know how to do much more than turn it on?!?! Just LOOK how cute he is!

After re-acquainting myself with the unforgiving ways of the back 40, I found myself moderatey misplaced. I wasn't lost per-se as I knew more or less where I was, and I was never anywhere that I couldn't have gotten home from... I just wasn't quite where I *wanted* to be.

So a few scrapes, bruises, slides and some seaweed later I made it to the old light house. It was so overgrown that I didn't even bother taking a picture. But I got a couple of other cool ones along the way.

This is where I grew up, this was my back yard. I can't believe I never got really for real lost.