Tuesday, February 01, 2011

At least I'm entertaining

So this afternoon I joined our department meeting remotely via Skype on my iPhone. Any normal, sane person would ask why with a comically quizzical look on their face, just as quickly as every geek would answer 'Because I can!'

It's okay, I still managed to disrupt the meeting in spirit form by burning my toast and setting off the fire alarm in my apartment... working fire alarm? check!

It has been pointed out that I failed to mention I was toasting my bread in a fry-pan... *rolls eyes* details, details!

So there I am putting toast on during one of the more 'routine' portions of the meeting *wink wink nudge nudge* when I go back in to the kitchen and realize I'm burning it! Egads! I've got the phone wedged under one ear as I attempt to flip my toast and disperse the smoke by blowing, hoping against hope it isn't enough to set off the fire alarm... knowing that it is only a matter of time *as* the fire alarm goes off.

The resulting events can no longer be related sequentially as the time flow continuum stopped flowing. The following happened in no particular order: I tossed said frying pan onto another element, turned off the offendingly hot element, said something one should not say while one is in a department meeting, grabbed a dish cloth, and on the second jump managed to hit the 'Ha ha just kidding it's not a fire I just burnt the toast button' and waved the white surrender towel a couple times to ensure the barrage didn't start up again.

After it was all said and done I turned an appropriate shade of crimson and apologized, much to my chagrin and the amusement of my entire department... at least we're a small department, and luckily for me they all have a great sense of humor... hey at least the interruption wasn't from getting fragged ;)