Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Busy as a beaver

Dad is returning home after a week or so down in sunny California and boy has he ever been busy! I'm afraid this turned into a bit of a laundry list, but Dad refrained from including all the humorous details I would have shared had I been privy to them ;)

All in all he got the transmission checked out, replacing and fixing bits and pieces so that it doesn't leak ATF anymore (which should avoid the whole getting stuck in reverse problem).

He replaced the cushions, one of which was soaked in the heater incident mentioned previously.

He installed the new cooler unit which required some boat modification.... and uninstalled the hot water heater unit in the small forward office type area which he had soundly cursed on numerous occasions ;)

He also did the dive to replace the zinc on the prop shaft, with the foresight of placing all the screws and alan keys required into foam so that at least in the instance that they're dropped they'd fall 'up'... I thought that was pretty clever ;)

Oh and on an interestingly nerdy note, it sounds like when you are trying to replace the zinc while underwater rather than when the boat is hauled... you can get the screw in about half way and then it becomes very difficult to turn. Dad thinks this may be due to it being a blind hole, and thus being filled with water which will only compress so far...

Oh yeah and he replaced the halyards, and put together the contraption we devised to help get the dingy launched and um un-launched...

Installed a deck pipe for the anchor rode so you don't have to climb in and out of the back lazarette to deploy the anchor, not that it ever waited for that before...

Nice work Dad, you certainly got a lot accomplished!