Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Infiltrating your spell-checker

Every once in awhile the auto correct outdoes itself and comes up with a really good one... like this:

Omg yes thank you! I totally meant Wonderbra! *huge 50's smile with raised eyebrows*


Okay now I can see the 'wond' portion matching but what, you think I just had a spastic fit and added four extra letters IN FRONT?!?!

Seriously *rolls eyes* there are days it is a convenience changing 'hte' to 'the' and then there are days it should really just say 'Dude I have no idea what you're trying to spell... maybe you need some spaces in there, then I can help you out'... It wouldn't have been so bad if it had suggested 'Take wonder' although it still would have made me giggle.

Hmmm now I'm wondering if that is actually an advertised position in the auto-correct dictionary, do companies pay extra for that? Because really how many people use 'Wonderbra' AND misspell it when they're filling something out online?