Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is not a test... this is a test

I'm sure this wasn't sent to test my intelligence, but here is an excerpt from an email I received this afternoon...

Now I ask you, how would I know to respond that I didn't receive this email... if I hadn't received this email?!?! Of course I replied to that effect, violating the 'Please do not reply...' *shrugs*

Lol I've recently been informed that the smiley face at the end is acknowledgement of the ridiculousness of the preceding statement. Teach me to make fun of things ;)

Actually it reminds me of highschool, they were having trouble with the PA system and made a similar announcement... "If you can't hear the announcement over the PA system, please send a runner down to the office". *shakes head* Yes, these are the people teaching your children... sometimes I wonder if the kids are alright ;)