Monday, February 28, 2011


For some unknown reason I'm feeling excessively optimistic today! Like I really can solve all the worlds problems or be anyone I want to when I grow up, even if it's a self rescuing princess ;)

As if somehow all the bills I've deferred to next month via my credit card have been taken care of by a tall dark and handsome stranger who liked my smile. In fact he liked me so much that I've been invited to attend a ball... Bond girl style in a knockout dress that conceals the true nature of my secret identity!

Just thought you should have plenty of warning before you're subjected to my bubbling no... geyser of enthusiasm! If you're a donkey on the edge, this could cause you to lose all feeling in your toes... and need a hug... which you're probably going to want from someone else ;) I might break a rib or rupture your spleen.

Caution prolonged exposure to subject may cause the following side effects: nausea, dizziness, ringing sensation in ears, increased psychopathic thoughts, vomiting, brain aneurism, internal bleeding, ruptured ear drums and in extreme cases an increased urge to stab yourself in the eye with a salad fork... or any available blunt object.

If you experience any of

Sent... While in transit ;)