Saturday, February 19, 2011

I like big trucks

and I can not lie... you other brothers can't deny... Oh right heh, wrong song.

Earlier this week, I went about my morning delighting in the fact that I had my buddy Ed's truck, and I would be stopping at Timmy's *dreamy smile* I got outside and realized it had snowed.

Quite a bit...

So I'm all gussied up for work. I've been trying to look presentable at least 4 out of 5 days (Friday is usually that fifth day)... it helps that all my scruffy clothes are at my parent's. I slip slide out to the truck, open the door and get snow all over the seat.


I start digging around, surely Ed's got a snow scraper somewhere around here right? It's still the middle of winter, it's not like this is one of those freak March snow storms. The closest I came to anything that even resembled a snow scraper was a laminated map of Edmonton... *shrugs* close enough, I'm resourceful ;)

Oh right, I forgot to mention that Ed's truck is fairly large... Chevy, Silverado extended cab... Diesel. Translation: The windshield is, way up there! I'm not Amazon tall, but even at my respectable 5'9" I'm still down here, yep that's right, in my pretty shoes.

I get a map width and a half of snow scraped off in front of the driver, and am relieved to find it wet snow... Not frozen. Yeah! I jump in and let the wipers clear the rest and make my way to Timmy's. By this point I've accepted that I am most likely going to be a few minutes late for work, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make.

To my surprise there is *nobody* in the drive through line-up! I crept up to place my order. As if you can creep in a diesel truck *Rugh-rugh-rugh-rugh* ;) Hit the automatic window button, and realized half way through digging out my wallet that I don't want the window to go down all the way because the wet snow on the side window... will. fall. in.

Yeah, I totally got wet snow all down the door and the side of my leg... it's okay though once I had my large double double I didn't care ;)