Saturday, February 19, 2011

Boat Update

While I have returned to work and attempted to re-thread myself into the working world tapestry, Dad has finally returned to sunny California to check up on the boat.

Over the past week I've received a constant stream of emails telling me what he's been up to... and as much as things have been working out great here, getting settled in and diving back into the raging waterfall of work, I miss the adventure of the unexpected. I also miss mint Oreos...

It did make me smile though, within 24 hours of being back on the boat... In the process of unpacking a sail from his new cooler unit Dad managed to flip the brand new hole saw completely up out of the cockpit and over the side of the boat.

Oh yeah, and the heater we couldn't get working? Well I guess at some point over Christmas the fuel line cleared its throat and spit diesel all over the canned mushrooms. Dad said it smells like boat now, heh I'll just bet it does...

Sounds like he's going swimming, guess some things never change ;)