Thursday, September 08, 2011


I'm sorry for the inundation of Captains' log reports... I haven't forgotten about you internet, in fact I think of you often... it just happens to be when I'm working, or driving, or running around like a hockey Mom with 3 kids.

I got a little behind.

Okay, I got a lot behind. There are only hints at the awesomeness I've been up to, and I promise I still have a couple funny posts in the works, there are a couple from recently and a couple from wayback... oooh and I have some more pictures!

See, the thing is, when I'm not working I've been jealously hoarding my time in the sunshine.  Because despite our 30 degree days the morning chill is feeling more and more like 5am tree planting up north...

Summer daylight is slipping away faster than the end of the roll of toilet paper, and you only get a couple shakes before it's winter again... Winter is coming.