Thursday, September 29, 2011

That warm gooey karma center

Just this morning I was bombing up to work and saw a grizzled older looking guy standing on the corner decked out in super high-vis neon yellow sweatshirt and orange reflective vest... holding a huge "Lost Dog" sign. Having just seen a lost-looking retriever yesterday leaving work, I pulled a u-turn and stopped to check... unfortunately he was looking for a husky cross.

Almost late for work, and facing the wrong direction I waffled back and forth on hitting up Timmies... My pre-caffeine indecision chose for me with the failed execution of a mid-u-turn-mind-change spanning both lanes that was definitely ticket worthy.

Just as I was grabbing my coffee I received a "Don't get a coffee text" from a wonderful co-worker of mine, and it occurred to me that coffee tastes way better when someone else has given it to you. With that thought in mind, and knowing it was only two degrees out, I stopped and gave the one I'd just bought to the guy looking for his dog.

When I got to work and told her my story of the morning she said "Aw that's so cool, I feel like I even had a part in it" which of course she totally did. *smiles* I'm not sure where all the floating karma is going to settle this morning, but of all the places it could... well, I really hope he finds his dog.