Thursday, September 08, 2011

From the Captain...

A different tech and the wireless problem is solved!  Somehow the machine lost some settings and was totally confused.  Anyway, I'm in business again.

As per note to mom, I'm here waiting on weather for at least 4 days, and trying to spend that on shore rather than rock'n and roll'n on the boat.  Good snorkelling etc at least.

Take care and have fun always.  I've always regretted the things I didn't do -be safe and use your head but don't worry much about what other people (including me) say and think.  Most of us are wusses - especially as we age.

Now that travel plans are set more or less, I need to try and get in some sort of shape - not much lower body exercise on the boat so IF I ski this year it will be at a lower level.  See what happens.