Thursday, September 08, 2011

From the Captain...

I drove around about half the island, and I'll do the other half tomorrow morning - I rented a car after noon for a day figuring on splitting the exercise up this way.  It seems to work.  Really not much to see specifically but I have a sense of the place now.

There's a fresh food market in the morning, early, so I can get some fresh veg and fruit, do the tourist thing, deal with the computer and have a THIRD HOT SHOWER in as many days. 

I should spend some more time snorkelling, the vis is incredible.  The coral is really interesting and colorful, not as many fish as at Moorea but different and more variety in some respects.  Many the same.  No shallow water though there are these "pools" - really crevasses - in the fringe reef.  These are 5+ m deep, vertical or overhanging corral of incredible aquamarine water in the "plain" of the fringe reef 100 m or so wide which is at or near the surface at medium tide (range is 1. m about) 

Anyway, there are tunnels and small crevices everywhwere with the most colorful corral patches and formations, all small, and then these "pools" with fish etc. that you can swim in like giant aquaria.  There's also caves and arches etc.

I was at one spot, recall that the island is uplifted coral, which is a cave like tunnel that has flow stone, stalagmites and salacites (all solution formaitions) with "ancient" coral showing in the base rock, plus 'old coral" (recently killed) and live coral in the pools. 

Something only a geologist could love I suppose. So that's it.

Take care both of you
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