Thursday, September 08, 2011

From the Captain...

It's good to eat again, more or less having caught up on sleep.  I made a real meal and enjoyed it for the first time in a couple of weeks!  It's been a wet day here in Nuie.  I got checked in with customs, then immigration, then quarantine and the Nuie YC - met customs on the dock and it POURED rain. My foulies have had more use in the last couple of days than in the previous year.  I feel like I should be getting black and purple with mildew and mold - damp all the time. Then I moved off the anchor (which of course jammed in the coral but I was lucky and managed to power off - next move was a dive - and the screwing around meant I got caught by the next downpour picking up the mooring etc.
The long and short is other than dealing with the bureaucracy, moving the boat, putting up the tarp and doing the dishes I've taken the day off.  there's been an hour time change and in my befuddled state I missed my radio check ins - such is life.  There is apparently internet here but I can't get it at the boat.  I'll take my computer to shore in the morning and try giving everyone a call etc.

Nuie looks really nice so I'll be here a bit.  There are no beaches or lagoon - the island is the old corral lagoon that is uplifted.  The diving around here is supposed to be wonderful because of the great vis - no streams etc.  Rain filters straight down and to the ocean though the coral the island is made of so no sediment.  Anyway, my plan is to catch up on sleep etc., deal with the broken bracket and I think my batteries have packed up so I'll swap them with the ones for the dinghy motor, and then I'll tour some etc.

It's been a by and large grey and damp day.  Up until an hour ago the anchorage has been calm, but it's started to roll some, so there must be a major front going through with SE (rather than E) swell, so some is wrapping around the island and affecting the anchorage.  It's not bad but it makes me wonder about rocking babies.  They seem to like it but as we grow up, get us on a rocking boat and it's not all that nice.  Why the change?  Anyway, the boat is slightly more than gently rocking but not bad.  I'll have another look around and then go to bed.  I migh, after another good sleep, get caught up.
Take care and have fun with mom.

At 26/08/2011 5:53 AM (utc) our position was 19°03.10'S 169°55.30'W