Thursday, September 08, 2011

From the Captain

Anyway, got underway for Tonga finally.  Currently sailing well at about 5 k in 2 to 3 m swell so the motion is not bad.  Nice day but I'll be glad when I get there.  Should be in Tonga Wednesday, but Thursday there = dateline crossing. 

Staring at the charts - Fiji is another 4 or 5 day passage away, but if I just pick down the Tonga group to the south, I'm the same 9 to 10 days from NZ.  Leaving from Fiji is supposedly a little easier, not a lot.  I'll have to decide if another passage vs. seeing Fiji is worth it. 

Boat seems fine.

Last night was interesting in that the whales were about and I could hear them singing through the hull.  It was eerie.  I tried listening with the stethascope but it didn't help.  This morning while getting ready to go I noticed that I could see little fish clearly about the rocks on the bottom = through 46' of water! 

So, supper now and settle in for the night.  Hopefully the wind holds as it is and doesn't pick up much.
At 07/09/2011 4:20 AM (utc) our position was 18°57.15'S 170°31.73'W