Thursday, September 08, 2011

From the Captain...

It was a rolly night last night but I slept OK - only problem was that I'd slept a lot yesterday so I was awake early.  I thought some heathen was cruel to another boat, indeed everyone in the harbour (everyone leaves the VHF on) when they called around 6 am - the response from the called boat was very groggy. 

Whales were among the boats.  Before long a couple of dinghys were in the water and people were swimming with the whales.  Humpbacks.  It was neat - maybe tomorrow I'll join them if it happens again - apparently a fairly regular occurrence.  So that started the day. 

I got the cooler cleaned up and working again - I'd shut it down to conserve power, but had left some salmon salad in a bowl in it - intending to eat it in an hour or so - and in that hour my gut went off so it sat there for 5 days.  It was rough so it spilled so the cooler needed cleaning and it was a bit high.

Rowed to shore and tried to get on the inet - and my computer won't work.  Don't know why, hence the "Mayday".  There might be a computer tech here, earliest I could get to him would be Monday or Tuesday - they take Sunday VERY seriously here and today the businesses pretty well all shut down for a fishing competition.  Small town, laid back mentality - which is fine.  All in all it was another slow day but I am now awake and rested more or less.  I only now realize just how tired I was.

High point -they have showers here!

Landing the dinghy here is interesting.  There is no beach, just a big concrete wharf with swell.  What you do is get close to the work and there's an electric crane, and usually someone is around to lower the hook to you that you attach to the lifting bridle and then leap out onto the steps as the dinghy is lifted clear.   Once on the dock it's dropped down on a cart and you park it.  The crane launches everything from dinghys to 30' fish boats from trailers - that's just the way it's done.  Works well.  It's a bit tricky if no one is about but can be managed.

Nice place, better off and better organized than Aitutaki - not as affluent as Fr. Polynesia.
That's about it.  My gut is still not 100% but much better than it was.  At least I'm eating again.

Take Care

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