Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reflections on swimming with whales

The whale swim was neat but a lot of work.  The scary part is the fact that you're swimming along in open ocean that is very deep (several hundred to a thousand feet) focused on trying to place yourself where the whales are or will be but there is the niggling fear of other things in the water like sharks etc.

The next day a large grey was reported in the area and the gal in the water was convinced it was eyeing her as lunch as it made a couple of passes - she got out of the water!  Anyway, I obviously wasn't bothered but it was a risk.

The whales themselves are awesome.  It was getting dark so the conditions weren't ideal and I guess I was focused on the macro conditions rather than on details.  The whale eyes are neat but I really didn't have time to to focus there.  Just trying to keep track of 6 big critters as they glide around and appear from the gloom and disappear.

Truly awesome.

Scary as far as the whales go - after the intial contact and the realization of how big they are and how easy it would be to be hurt - and immediatly realizing that they know where you are and more importantly where they themselves and all their parts are and they simply don't allow a problem.  They are  very much in control.  Neat.

So - yes it's cool, yes it is scary in some ways.  On one hand I was nuts to go for it, but I'm glad I did and I'm still here not having been Whirlpooled or given any parts to sharks.  All is well.  Try it!

At 10/09/2011 3:54 AM (utc) our position was 18°39.33'S 173°59.56'W