Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From the Captain

Sept 10 was the day last year we finished packing up and got away from NYC.  Now I think it's Sept 9 at home but since I crossed the date line, today is the anniversary of the trip start for me.

Thinking about it, we certainly learned a lot on the trip to San Diego.  Since then I've added some miles to the trip and some experiences.  It'll be another couple of months before the boat is tucked up for a bit and I get home for a visit but I thought a bit about reviewing things tonight, having another muffin and beer and just thinking.

I wanted to say :thank you" so much for taking the time last fall and coming with me on that first learning leg of the trip.  It certainly didn't go as planned but it was an adventure and we learned a lot about boats, each other, the US, people, places and sailing.

You're a great kid - love you lots and really proud of you- and again thanks.


At 10/09/2011 4:37 AM (utc) our position was 18°39.35'S 173°59.53'W