Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The ball is rolling

I'm standing on the edge of the starting block, looking down the race course... everyone awaiting the starting signal with bated breath. Nerve ends waving aimlessly looking for something, anything to cling onto.

The training is over, the theory an important building block is behind you now... but none of that matters, except the finish line. It matters not how you do it, and whether or not it's graceful, all that matters is that you cross the finish line.

The other racers, let them race amongst themselves for they too have their own battles to face this day.

It comes down to this moment. The final breath before the dive, when for a blink of eternity everything stands still...

With a final word of encouragement, all I can do now is watch, and hope for the best.

The rest is up to you Mom, I know you can do it!