Thursday, December 16, 2010

Days since the last injury?

Don't worry, we haven't had to reset the days since last injury *yet*

If we were a job site, we would have been shut down, or our union would have gone on strike. Luckily though, we are responsible for our own decisions, and we are still free to make our own mistakes.

We added two more sections to the HAM radio antenna tower today! Yay us! *happy dance*

The view from up top was wicked, I could see practically the whole property! (can't wait to put up the next section ;) Don't worry I was wearing a harness... okay, SO it wasn't always clipped on to something, but I was being careful. While I didn't need any of the extra bolts Dad gave me, he did put a hardhat on after I dropped the 3/4" wrench... although he was giving the base of the tower a fairly wide berth.

It was pretty neat though, each stable section of the tower is used along with a gin pole to raise the next section of the tower to where it can be bolted into place. Then you slide the gin pole up and wash, rinse, repeat. It's almost like picking yourself up by your own bootstraps... only not quite. The whole process is rather ingenious though, allowing two people to put up a fairly huge tower using mostly rope, without anything complicated like a crane or helicopter. Although using a helicopter would be at least +10 awesomesauce.