Sunday, December 26, 2010


Everyone has their Christmas traditions, sometimes you do something one year... and then again, until one Christmas you can't remember not doing it like that. This year is the first year that all the kids haven't been home... it was a lot quieter for lack of a better word, and I almost don't want to admit it, but I missed my middle brother ;o)

So just in case you were thinking you might miss us a little bit too, I've compiled some of the crazy family traditions that we do every year that are both a comfort and a curse... like eating too much turkey, it tastes soooo good until your fat pants don't fit... I never learn.

Well Ben and I set up the tree, and managed not to lose any blood or eyeballs to the vindictive branches. As usual we forgot to put the tinsel and beads on after the lights and had to squish it in and around the decorations already on the tree...

The majority of the wrapping was done the night before
Mom and I both settled in on the floor
"a little somthin' somethin' " some giggles and laughs

its amazing how quickly that makes the time pass

Wrapping paper has always been reused
favorite patterns looking slightly abused

they've been wrapped and reopened so many times
its hard to tell which presents are mine

All the stockings are hung by the chimney with care...
then delivered to our bedside when we're not aware
When we woke at five, we all had to wait
till we'd solved all our puzzles or it turned eight!

Now that we're older it's not so bad
the only one getting up early is Dad
Ben, Mom and I have been staying up late
So it was okay not starting till after eight

Then we have to wake Mom up, and wait while she pees
get a pictures on the stairs, in our jammies
we all used to fit, stockings and all on one stair
now its a squish to get two of us in there

After the presents come pancakes, made by Dad
There is bacon, peaches and whip cream to be had
Special yummy syrups warmed up of course
by the time we get started we could eat a horse

Traditional puzzle, a wizard this year
Ben hid the last piece so I flicked his ear
Watching the Grinch after turkey on the couch
We all nodded off with nary a belch

So if you think you missed the excitement, have no fear
Nobody bled on the carpet... this year ;)