Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking forward

I don't know what it is, but I just feel "mer"... with a half-hearted shoulder shrug.

I've just got that end of a visit type feeling, like when it's been so great visiting a friend that you're sad knowing you have to leave soon. The kind where you don't enjoy Sunday as much because you know you're going to have to get up early on Monday...

I think maybe too it's that end of the year time when you look back, and forget all the things you filled your year up with and go "*sigh* I didn't accomplish anything this year..."

I say this only because it recently happened to me. I was lamenting all the things I didn't do this year. Like become president, take over the world... or launch my stuntman career... Until it was pointed out to me that "Dude you've been on a boat for three months". And prior to that I was getting ready to be on a boat... so yes 'Go sailing and live on a boat - check!'

This lack of accomplishment is similar to but not to be confused with tax season, when you see how much the government thinks you made compared with your bank account balance... and wonder idly what exactly you spent all that money on?

So as the New Year is symbolic of adventures waiting just around the corner, I am putting down my suitcase of guilt for things left undone and I am going to put all my energy into doing cool things again this year. I want to focus a little bit more on my creative side, with any luck I'll something worthy of posting... to be honest you'll probably see it all anyways whether it's worthy or not ;)

I must say though it has been a great incentive keeping our recent sailing adventures updated on here and I am honored by how many of you have taken the time to respond to me via comments and emails.