Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stuff with a capital *uff*

December 16th

I find it interesting, that many of the things we guard so closely as private in our living lives are bared wide open in death. Intimate details are written up honoring our accomplishments, and yet one would hope that our closest friends already knew our accomplishments before we died.

What would you want to be able to change, if you knew that tomorrow your closest friends would be up to their waist in your internal affairs? Cleaning... trying to figure out what's worth keeping and what isn't, going through everything you've kept, sorting it into garbage, keepsakes and stuff that might be worth something on ebay.

How many things do we keep that really, aren't worth the investment. Okay sure there are clothes, those keep you from getting arrested. And there's sports equipment... I'll admit I'm a little biased in this department. But then there are books, and CD's and just stuff. Okay really, it's all just stuff... Sometimes it seems we keep it because that's what you're supposed to do. Your stuff starts to define who you are, and before you know it you need your stuff to tell people about you.

What you have, the things in your life aren't nearly as important as what you take from them, and how you put it all back together. I want to be the collection of things that make me a better person, without having to carry everything around with me, ever in fear of losing myself.