Monday, December 20, 2010

My good deed for the day Christmas

I went for a run this morning, and somehow or other I ended up running down to the old boat ramp rather than down the trail behind our house... it wasn't exactly a conscious decision.

As usual I had impeccable timing. I arrived at the boat ramp just after an older fellow had parked on it, boat on trailer. There was driftwood all over the place, but of course there was one waterlogged log completely spanning the road and totally in the way.

We started chatting as I caught my breath and he told me he was trying to get to Mudge Is. to pick up Christmas decorations. I began to help him clear the driftwood out of the way. Now I know I'm not exactly huge, but why is it that everyone thinks I'm going to hurt myself if I even think about doing anything physical? Do I look like a maiden in distress?!?! Sheesh! ;)

The small stuff was easy, but the long log proved to be much more difficult... But somehow between the two of us chatting and levering, the ocean drift caught it and with one final push it was off the ramp and swinging out of the way.

We introduced ourselves, and my new friend John thanked me for my help saying he would never have managed it on his own... but as I jogged home I thought to myself how easy it had seemed with both of us.

It's kinda cool how much easier things like that seem to go when you're working on it with someone else.