Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Wrap up take 1

Little did I realize how hard this would be to articulate, I promised I'd let you know... so I'm going to do my best. Bear with me.

A mere few days ago, as in Sunday we were getting everything wrapped up to depart down to Mexico. When suddenly Dad hit the bottom of his boat spending bank account. It is slightly ironic that the joke thusfar has been "So you're not coming home until you run out of money?" Heh. We laughed at that a few times, but apparenlty yes, this is somewhat the case. ;)

At that point we sat down and evaluated all the options. Ha surely I jest! Yeah you're right... it was more like a Roman noble's son who just learned how to drive his sport chariot Omg! Gallop gallop screech... "Outta my way!" direction change Omg! Gallop gallop JUMP! *clatter*...

We called Mom on Skype and talked, concluding it with her giving Dad a cash transfusion asap and us heading to La Paz Mexico. By the time we'd gotten off Skype with her things had changed again.

From that point on everything was a blur of ideas, should do's and don't wanna's, with a well balanced murcurial plan on the side. We took into consideration that to get there and then leave before Christmas flights got crazy expensive we'd have two weeks... and with something in the engine/transmission sounding kind of funny, we decided that realistically it just wasn't going to happen.

We trudged off in search of a Starbucks, with their free wifis and went to it... Numerous plans flew in, and out the window, but eventually we concluded that we should moor the boat here... Getting down to Mexico would take time and money, and if we were only going as far as La Paz we might as well hold off for now.

Somewhere along the way I got this crazy whispering spark of an idea. Since I'm already down here, and I still have some time before I'm supposed to be back at work again... I should go visit my friends on the east coast of the United States and twist their arm into doing a roadtrip. I'm not exactly sure the moment it happened, but that was that, I decided I was going to Kentucky!