Friday, January 21, 2011

All those other words that end in 'ibble'

I just bought a $500+ fire extinguisher and they threw in renter's insurance for FREEEEEEE! Isn't that so swell of BCAA? But seriously, for the first time in my life I got my act together, sat down answered the 101 questions, some of which I had to guess on... and paid.

I don't know, I guess I feel better about being responsible and organized and all of those good things... But somehow I'm not really that excited about it. Although I did get extra phone coverage out of it... so if my phone is lost or stolen, or I have a moment and leave it somewhere, they'll replace it *and* all the apps and downloaded ringtones I had. So that's kind of cool.

The thing is if I ever have to use it I'm sure it will be the best thing in the entire world... but right now, its just one more thing to pay for while masquerading as a responsible adult.