Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Milk drunk"

I had a rare chance to chat with an old friend last night after she managed to bundle both kids into bed and get them to sleep early. Her husband upon returning home must have asked if she'd drugged them, because she replied "No unless breast milk is considered a drug" *chuckles*

Which spurred a discussion of the topic why it's called "milk drunk"?

They get a little loopy... sometimes they puke... sometimes they get the hiccups... they've got that whole wobbly balance thing going on... most kids pass out for a pretty good nap after...

I mean really if those aren't all signs of being a little punk in drublic! So when you think about it, a 21 year old with a bottle in the mouth, and a little one with a boob in the mouth still have a lot in common!