Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What was I thinking?

Because I don't have enough going on in my life I agreed to go out on a blind date this weekend. So after moving in and unpacking a grand total of 6 bags, Rubbermaids and the assorted odds and ends I brought up with me... getting a new iPhone and transferring my contact from my old phone, which I've still only managed to add up to the 'F'... going to the Vipers hockey game... and fixing my cousin's wifis, I went out to Checkers Sunday night with a very nice young man named Chris.

Super crazy coolness, he's been through a hurricane! In other news he was a dive instructor in a previous life, while working the cruise lines but lake diving is boring so he hasn't been in a few years.

Oh and a side note: I really suck at pool. So for my friends who worry about that delicate male ego, especially on a first date... You don't have to worry anymore, I found something I don't have to let them win at *smug grin*

I realized when I got home that night that I had failed to both make plans to hitch a ride to work, and go grocery shopping. Walking to work isn't such a big deal, in fact I'd been planning to do that anyways, perhaps this was just my unconscious incentive to just hurry up and do it already.

Not having groceries though is a serious buffer overflow... segmentation fault: core dumped. I'm not sure how that slipped my mind... I mean really, whoever is in charge of that portion of things in my brain must have just fallen asleep on the keyboard. Even those little guys hit a point where even though they have all the eggs in the air, they can't keep 'em there, but really?!?! Did you have to drop the ball on that one?