Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's not even noon yet!

In my random act of spontenaity for the weekend I'm down in Summerland visiting with my friend and her Mom.

So get this, she was up before the crack of dawn this morning to take the dog for half of her run... then she came back, dropped off the dog and collected me for the other half!

It was beautiful, we got to watch the sun slowly bathe the opposite hillside turning everything it touched a brilliant warm golden colour making the brisk air seem warmer, and then it cracked up over the horizon.

Half an hour later we were back in time for homemade scones for breakfast! And it was noted that there has been a marked improvement in my running. Translation: I didn't sound like the dog by the end of it, could still talk and hadn't turned an unhealthy shade of heart attack red. Breakfast was followed by a quick walk to the local grocery for milk and yogurt...

A few years ago we found this Yogopogo yogurt which was really really good, and of course we haven't been able to find it since, so we ended up Googling (on my iPhone 4 with *more* GeeBee's) what non-homogonized meant only to realize that it's a term we both know from science. *doh!*