Monday, January 17, 2011

A few last night's ago...

Went for beer and wings last night with a friend of mine, and for whatever reason this always seems to be the time when we get onto the topic 'doing something with my hair'.

Generally she ends up cutting it, incurring minor war wounds. Last night we came up with the brilliant idea that we should do one of those perm-in-a-boxes from Walmart... I'm confident that my guardian angel was working double time last night, possibly with my friend's guardian angel because we couldn't find the right perm-in-a-box and instead settled for a streaking kit.

A few hours, and more product than I can name later I have a new do! *grins*

Note: It has been brought to my attention (thanks Mom ;) that my Dad has been scanning my blog postings and so far has come away with me dating a blind guy, and chaining him up under my bed... Should be interesting to hear what he comes away with from this one! *grins* (Sorry Dad it was too funny not to share, love you!)