Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Unimog!

While I was gone Aaren purchased a Unimog, an old-school Mercedes-Benz German firetruck. I had no idea what it even was until I saw his kid-in-a-candy-store postings about it on facebook. In fact he's so proud of 'The Mog' it has it's own dedicated blog. Yesterday we were talking about it, and he hinted that if it snowed enough he'd bring it in and we could take it out for lunch...

It snowed enough!

I feel like a kid that just got picked up from school in a monster truck *grins*

Yep I totally just went from "Unimog what?" to "TheUnimogistheawesomestfiretruckevar!" it's pretty cool you have to step inside the wheel to get *up* into it and it even still has the hose in the back! Everything is manually controlled with switches, it has arm-strong steering, and all the labels are in German!