Sunday, January 02, 2011

Bumper cars!

For the most part the drive up to Vernon was just plain cold, especially compared to California (where they're still surfing). My mother was questioning the sanity of leaving the temperate conditions on the Island to visit family in the outer Siberian winterland of Canada, affectionately known as Alberta and I was just questioning my sanity.

The drive was relatively uneventful, other than the mass amounts of blowing snow from Merrit to Kelowna. Now blowing snow itself isn't usually that bad, except that in this case, any time someone passed us it was so thick I couldn't see their tail lights, or where the road went. Minor detail, I mean really who needs to see the road to drive?

I didn't think conditions were really that bad, until we saw a white pick up truck upside down in the ditch. An SUV had just pulled over and a guy was hopping out, hazards on and everything. I tapped the brakes and immediately started to slide sideways, away from him thankfully. I let off the brakes and drifted around them it was beautiful! Or at least it would have been, except that buddy behind me chose that moment to play bumper cars...

And by bumper cars I mean attempt to pass using the rapidly decreasing lane between my car and the barrier. He discovered that his car and our car could not occupy the same space at the same time. If he had paid any attention in high-school physics he would have already known this.

It turned out pretty well all considering, he gave our truck a bit of a love tap and a snapple sound when it jiggles, and then so it didn't feel left out, he gently kissed the barrier. Being such a swell guy, he exchanged relevant info with Dad and then proceeded to ride my bumper into Kelowna.

I asked Dad if he wanted a new back end on the truck, he declined *shrugs*.