Friday, January 28, 2011

We're calling it 'Art'

A few evenings ago, much like this one... it's daytime now, but well you know what I mean my night began with a text message...

Shazam: What are you doing in the evening
Me: Nothing right now... What are you thinking?
Shazam: You... me... and some art supplies :)
Me: I like it!

My friend had found some canvases down in Kelowna, and we set about with the intention of turning the pristine blank white surfaces into art.

I always find the hardest part is getting started, because what I can imagine never quite transfers from my brain onto the canvas properly.

I hesitate, feeling for a split second like I'm going to ruin the canvas... and all the beautiful art that it could have contained by marking it. Overcoming that initial hesitation, I quickly get lost in the joy of creating... following the paint brush around the canvas.

Over the course of 3 evenings, ending with last night my cherry blossom branch took shape. There was some sage advice offered to do a test run of the blossoms on different paper. Let me just say luckily I took that advice, and I'm quite happy with the final product!