Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I believe

... that we are connected.

Scientifically or not, nothing else accounts for the racing heart and funny feeling that confirms you're right before you actually know you are, or the sweaty palms because you're so sure but what if you're wrong? and how could you possibly know anyways!?!

It's the same thing happening at different times with a recurring theme. I was just thinking of you and then you texted me... or the "No way!" I was just thinking of YOU and how crazy it would be if you were here, and then thought nah... but here you are.

Or the time that I called, got a click like you picked up and hung up on me (whatever!)... redialed, got a busy signal, and then promptly hung up and my phone rang and it was you calling. Weird. What was even weirder, was that I was calling to see if you wanted Timmy's and you were calling to beg me to pick you some up.

Or the time that you were supposed to be in Kelowna around the same time, but don't have a cell phone and I got a funny feeling when I drove by... walked into a store and there you were, like we were in a small town and it was the only place you could have been.

Or the time I phoned and nobody knew where you were, so I phoned your cell and the first thing you said was "How did you know I needed to talk to you?" and the only answer I had "I just thought of you" fell miles short of the feeling I had when I thought that for some reason I needed to call... nothing tangible... just that I should.

Or the time that you walked in the door and said "Hey!" and we made eye contact and I knew without a hint of doubt that we were going to have so much fun that summer.

I believe there are people who we get along with, share common interests and values with, and there are people who we connect with... as though they are a kindred spirit we lost on some previous adventure, someone who we didn't realize was missing until we found them again. Somewhat like a bad case of amnesia that isn't cured until that moment when we meet again.

When that happens its like a door opens to an entirely new canvas yet to be painted, that can only be done together. Somehow that person gives you new motivation, shares skills with you or encourages you to look at yourself in a new light. Each of these meetings blend together into "you".

While I'll never be the person I thought I wanted to be when I was little, I can't take full responsibility for the person that I have become. Although I made choices about who I hung out with, and the characteristics I like, I've had seemingly little control over the traits and mannerisms I've picked up. So when people jokingly say I turned out okay, I'd like to say it's thanks to the people around me ;o)