Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket

So I get to work, I'm a little rough around the edges... it was a big weekend what can I say. Although as one lady from work pointed out every weekend for me is a big weekend, but this one was definitely a bigger one ;o)

In any case I'm gathering my crap together to get out of the car and in to work, I pick up my coffee in a Timmy's to-go cup and promptly drop it upside down on my crotch.


Now amazingly that flimsy plastic lid that occasionally leaks when you are drinking out of it DID NOT fall off, and I DID NOT end up with scalding hot coffee all over my girlie goodies. I got a couple drops of coffee on my pants, and a couple more on the seat... even though I nearly had to change my panties from what I was expecting the outcome to be. This I can deal with.

Seriously though, if it had happened... the way that it statistically should have, I would have closed my door, driven back home and gone back to bed.