Wednesday, June 03, 2009

On priorities and packing

This kills me every time.

I would much rather spend an evening that someone happens to have available to spend with me, than do just about anything else. Even if I have things that I have to get done. Especially when they make me rhubarb squares with whip cream *drooling*

Hence the reason I will be packing my carry-on for a weekend in Edmonton after work today in the two hours before I leave for my flight. It's okay though, with the number of things you can't take and the decreasing size restrictions, I'm sure you will soon only be allowed to take what you are wearing and a credit card.

Haha unless they come out with nude airlines "Bring yourself and your credit card, we'll take care of the rest", it would certainly make security much quicker... and then they could move all cargo so the seats should be wayyy cheaper!

So true to my Dad's travelling advice, pack what you think you will need and take a credit card. You should be able to buy anything that you need/have forgotten when you get there.