Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My body speaks out

So I biked to work and home again yesterday, after the boob/ribcage incident... and I don't think my body liked that very much. In fact my body yelled at me loud and clear "I don't fuckin' think so!" and promptly put me to bed at 7pm like a petulant child.

I find myself today trying to decide if my ribcage muscles are just bruised or if I managed to do some structural damage. That one's for you Dad. But there is definitely some slight breathing discomfort. It might just be my body telling me to stop thinking about training for a half marathon in September... nahhhh ;o)

I think my body has formed a union... because any time I do something even remotely stupid it goes on strike and puts me to bed early. Its at those times that I realize how little control I have other than the knowledge that my body can do more than I think it can... until it decides that we're done.

Which reminds me of a great quote my aunt has for when you are going away/out for the weekend:
"Don't get stuck on stupid"