Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funtastic - Part Sunday

Sunday started off a little rough, we'd walked up to my Aunt and Uncles the night before so again I had to find a way to get up to my car that had been parked up at the ball fields. Called up coach, told him where I was, described directions... redescribed directions... described them one more time and started to wonder if I was incoherent or he just wasn't processing anything.

Finally got sorted out and realized I didn't actually know where I was and had given him the wrong street. Got that sorted and made it to the diamonds on time. We won our game, but it was tight due to it being tied because of a run that came in on a double play that we didn't realize counted when the batter passed the girl that started running on second!

Headed up to the beer gardens, changed and came in near the end of the "Stupid Human Trick" contest... I ran into my ex-roomie and another team member and they say "You gotta do your elbow thing!" well I didn't think that I could get into as they sounded almost done, they said don't worry we'll get you in! And start yelling "Hey there's one more!"

So the DJ calls me up, gets my name... and asks how I learned I could do this trick... I respond "I might have been drunk once..." everybody chuckles. Now it's time for me to do my trick, I step out, dislocate and spin my arm at the elbow like a windmill and the entire crowd reaction is "AHHHHHHhhhhhh gross" according to multiple reliable sources, there were guys in the crowd that looked a little green around the gills and ready to puke.

Needless to say I won, I'm sure my mother would be so proud... in fact I know she is. But who knew that at the age of 10 when I saw an old guy do it, and decided that I *had* to learn how to do it too it would come in handy as more than just a drunk party trick... but as a drunk party trick that would win stuff! The haul of swag included two budweiser t-shirts, a lantern and a gift certificate to Silverstar paintball... not bad not bad at all ;o)

The rest of the day continued, we pulled up a table and low and behold there were some people not of our team sitting there also. Assuming that my team had just sat down and not necessarily introduced themselves I made some new best friends. Well we hung out for a bit, met another one of their buddy's Brad... we got into a wrestling match over something that eludes me, I got pinned and then pulled the best unpin move evar. I gave him a wedgie. And not just any wedgie, one that made him stand up... that allowed me to stand up and parade him around holding only his panties. His buddy's just about died, I laughed pretty hard, and then gave him my phone number because well giving your new best friend a wedgie like that is just dirty pool LOL.

The day faded to night, and we danced... I stopped drinking around 8 and went home to bed around 1:30am...