Friday, June 26, 2009

Funtastic - Part Friday

One ball game, shortly after work... I was almost late, the backups were slow so Mr. I-know-what-I'm-doing says "Just leave it, there are only two jobs left it should be done by 4...

So I leave it... check it at 4 and it is still running, with 2% left and an estimated time of 4:20 completion *hehe* so I think hey no big deal I didn't have time to go home before my game anyways I'll just let it run it's course... at 4:30 I cancelled the remaining jobs as they were still running, ran the cleaning tape and did the swap. Sent a frustrated email to the Superhero who usually takes care of backups and expressed my severe displeasure with the ineptitude of the one who doesn't normally do backups saying "It should be done by 4..."

Nonetheless made it to our game just in time.

Funny for the day: So Mr. Baseball gets up to bat (you know the guy with the middle age belly and baseball pants on from when he used to play peewee) and cranks a pop fly foul... well Randy goes burning over towards it... and the slough... you can almost see where this is going ;o) Now to clarify we can't hear this Ump in outfield so we haven't heard the foul call yet... everyone else on the team is yelling "NOOOOO" and I'm yelling "DIIIIIVEEEE" *hehe*

It was just like a cartoon, Randy was running towards the ball and then all of a sudden he was gone in the tall grass and pricker bushes, and just like that a bird flew out LOL I couldn't even run over at full speed to see if he was okay I was too busy laughing BWAAAAA HAHAHAHAHH HAHAHAHAH

Needless to say he was alright, he managed not to impale himself on anything... although he did lose his sunglasses *shrugs* the guy popped up again and he made a spectacular dive catch for it.

Friday night started out as "I'll just have a couple of beers" and ended with my Aunt giving me a ride home and saying "You sound like you're concentrating really hard on the road" which truth be told I was.

Somewhere in between I ended up with a white tank top and a pile of Mardi gras beads and glow necklaces... I vaguely remember Randy and I on a mission to collect more beads than my two ex-roommates, and Randy going up to guys saying "So we're playing a little game... her boobs for your beads"

I'm pretty sure we won.