Monday, June 29, 2009

Funtastic - Part Monday

9:15 am Monday morning - the weekend shenanagins have taken their toll, we scrape together enough girls and make it through with more confidence than we show on the scoresheet. We've got three girls filling in for the two we lost to the other team they were also playing on. We missed them. Lots. Someone was smiling on us though, and their other team lost leaving them free to come play in the finals with us *happy dance*.

So while we were waiting for the final game, we hung out in the beer gardens, Glen bought a round for striking out, and we watched and then partook in the festivities that had not quite died yet. LOL

There was a race... involving two people as a team, you each had to throw a ball through a hole with the wrong hand, then you had to hold a beach ball belly to belly walk it to the end, then roll and get it back to back and walk back... spin around a bat with your forehead on it three times, and then run the bases while holding a tray with three cans full of water on it.

There were leftover bits and pieces being handed out, bouncy baseballs, beachballs, aspenware (wooden spoons and knives) etc. we played volleyball with the beachball and gave out "style points" anytime someone looked like a ballerina and missed!

We started a volleyball game in under the tent using the tent wires as the net, that went on for quite awhile, we had almost the whole tent involved, making up rules and holding their breath until that ball hit the ground... or someone's beer... or head.

Our team was into the condom filling contest like a fat kid on a dirty smarty, the mission was to fill it with the most water without breaking. We pre-stretched and double wrapped ours, the outside one broke but the inside one held and we were champions in the beer garden again! Winning NSA prizes from a grab box of our choice :D

I think the best part of this contest though, was having my Aunt who volunteered for the weekend call my cell and say "Was that your team? Scoregasm? That just won the condom filling contest?!?!" and upon confirmation say "I'm so proud!" lol I know it was a couple times this weekend that she said "Yep that's my niece!"

My official comment on the last game is as follows: "That is NOT my shoe"

We dropped the ball, but apparently looked good doing it ;o)