Monday, June 15, 2009

I woke up with a pirate tatoo... then nearly blew a boob

It was a big weekend this weekend, and I realize that most of my weekends are big weekends... but this was an all over body workout big weekend.

It started out with the Cub wrap up, involving a bouncy castle a backyard water bladder pool, fake tatoos and a "pudding drop" contest. The kids' favourite game in the pool was whoever gets dunked last wins, at one point I think I had four kids hanging off of me trying to dunk me. I laughed so hard all day I'm surprised I didn't almsot drown. It was one of those days surrounded by friends and sharing beautiful weather that is good for your soul. It continued after all the kids went home into an adult wrap up party with a few beers and an ongoing game of soccer hacky sack, some karaoke and some backyard wrestling.

The next day was relatively slow, the muscles between my ribs hurt all the way up past my sternum, I had multiple stages of bruising all around my neck and shoulders... everything was stiff and sore. We took in the Star Trek matinee, and had a nice BBQ for dinner. Upon which point I headed out to ball.

So of course we had two back to back games last night, I had my ball gear minus the stuff I usually wear (luckily I had spare socks) and the shorts I wore from the night before... so we're already taking it a little easy.

Well early off in the game there's a short pop that I decided I would just be able to catch if I dove... into the dive... ball in the glove... ball out of the glove off my lip and gone and oh. my. god. I. can't. breath. stop. relax... concentrate on breathing... slowly... okay I can talk again... phew... nothing seems to be broken... yeah I'm okay... put me in coach I'm ready to play!

The consensus was that I dove left hand out, then tried to roll right... landed with my right arm under my boob and landed uuber hard in an attempt to affix it permanently to my spine. Luckily for me that didn't work as I would have had one boob much smaller than the other, and I think that as close as possible big or small they should at least be relatively symmetrical. One of my teammates was kind enough to offer to help pump it up again, although I pointed out they weren't like Jordan shoes, upon which the team vote was that my boobs must be real otherwise it would have popped for sure. Lol.