Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Texting and emails

K w/a K: hihowsitgoingigotanewphonewhereisthespacebaronthisthing

me: haha that's awesome I'm so proud of you for sending a text message! Um probably the bottom left or right for the space...

K w/a K (2 pager): this is great I found it its so much easier to text on this than my old phone I love it

K w/a K: Just waiting for pizza my kids are driving me nuts I'm going to punch them in the toque

later in the week emailing back and forth...

K w/a K: I am starting to cry I am laughing so hard……….. god bless you and your corrupted mind!

me: Hey what are you doing for lunch? And what is your home number I only have your cell... Unless you are trying to limit how much I can actaully harass you ;)

K w/a K: And since I have gotten my new phone and lost my texting virginity, I thought I may be harassing you-you’d get a texting restraining order……………………LOL

me: My favorite text so far is theonewithoutanyspacesinit! *chuckles*

K w/a K: Wellinmydefenseididnotknowwherthefuckingspacebarthingywas………..lol