Thursday, June 18, 2009

In the name of motivation

I bought a Zune...

8GB of motivational music coming up, along with a running playlist... no don't worry Dad I won't run with both earphones in so I don't get hit by the car that I don't hear.

I'm very glad that our IT guy was on hand to help get everything installed, it involved a registry hack but that is possibly just because of the way our network is set up.

I'm a little disappointed in the sharing feature, it limits how many times you can listen to a song that someone sent you to 3, and the count seems to be a little off eg: you can't pause and resume it counts that as twice. But the podcast feature is pretty cool, and sending pictures back and forth rocks. Bascially you only have to be near the person rather than physically hooked up.

Currently I'm sorting through the 20,000 odd songs on our music server wheeee I've found some old gooders that I forgot about ;o)