Tuesday, September 28, 2010


First of all, thanks Dan! I have the wickedest brother in the entire world, he got us an awesome deal on a rental car and set it all up from Alberta, pretty much before we were done having breakfast.

Since we've fetched up in California I've been itching to check out the Ancient Redwoods, something I've wanted to do ever since I first heard about them. The Captain has been giving me a hard time about this, seeing as our family has checked out the enourmous Douglas Firs in Cathedral Grove, the Three Sisters - Spruce trees in Caramanah, and other large trees in our 'back yard' while growing up.

We spent today between the contrasting traipse through the Fern Gully-esque Redwoods, and an Earnhardt-esque rally car drive down the Redwood Avenue. I *almost* asked the Captain if he was trying to qualify ;). Fear not! My stomach having been hardened on windy BC logging road switchbacks had no problems whatsoever...

This tree was completely burnt out inside, it was freaking huge! I'm the little ant crawling out of a hole in the bottom left... Ooops sorry I meant the other left.

This is the representative 'Founders Tree', I just love how it looks like it has twisted it's way up.

I had a really hard time narrowing down just a few pictures to sum up the rest of the day... but here they are. And this is why I didn't find a decent internet connection today.

Me! On top of a DEADTREE!

Ze Captain in a cavern...

It was captivating and beautiful, and the air smelled faintly sweet... not like perfume or flowers... just old nice. It wouldn't have surprised me in the least if a fairy had landed on my shoulder, it was absolutely magical. I couldn't stop smiling, thanks so much Dad I had the most wonderful day :)