Monday, September 27, 2010

Greetings from the new guy

Hello to Sam's family, friends, and followers. With Sam's permission I've been added as an intern junior assistant co-editor to this blog. I'll be assisting Sam in keeping it up to date with the best experience possible for everyone following her grand adventure. You won't see or hear from me much (I'll be behind the scenes), but if you need to reach me I'll be reading the blog daily and I'll jump in if needed.

First things first, Sam and her dad are safe in Eureka California getting some repairs and restocking. It sounds like another great adventure but I'll let Sam tell the story herself. If you can't figure out her post from earlier today blame the diesel fumes.

I hope you like my quick update of the page. Here are the cliff notes on the changes...
  • Links to tracking maps in the top left corner (see where they are in the world).
  • Comments down the right side, read other readers comments and participate yourself.
  • A touch more color, photos, and sprucing up.