Thursday, September 16, 2010

Holed up

We have slowly motored our way down the inside passage, and already seen some really cool things. We live in a beautiful place, and it's hard not to think maybe we're a little crazy not to take the time to explore our own back yard a little more.

It has been a little damp... and it's been more than wonderful to have foul weather gear. Best. purchase. Evar!

I'm not sure how much my camera will take before it resigns from the crew... but until it does hopefully I'll get some more wicked pictures!

This is uhh "Burial Point" I assure you it would be a little hard to bury anyone there, unless you brought your own material. This is also where we saw a couple pods of porpoises, but they're shy... by the time you'd seen them, blinked and tried to point them out they were gone again.

So the weather has changed, and we're sitting in the last hole short of the open ocean in Sooke. Waiting for this front to blow through, as currently all the wind is going the wrong way...

"You can't direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails" ~Unknown

This wait provided an opportunity to catch up with some old friends of ours, we had a wonderful dinner with them and the bestest most awesomest dessert ever. The last fresh peaches of the season with custard and whipping cream and a baked yum on top. I'd like to thank T&K for the visit, but more importantly for the reminder that you *can* do a little bit of everything. You don't have to be one thing in life, it's okay to dabble ;o)

In the meantime we are taking the opportunity to storm lash everything. I'm sure our shake down cruise will teach us differently. Hmmm that's probably why it's called a shake down cruise eh?

Keep your fingers crossed, I think we're going to take our best guess at the weather shaking through! The Captain is understandably nervous.