Tuesday, September 28, 2010

*shakes fist*

Well shortly after my post that we were having engine troubles... the engine resigned from its duties and from being part the crew. It just up and quit, no black smoke, no sputtering just stopped. There was too much chop causing the autohelm to bounce back and forth between 'nyarfing' and then freaking out that we were too far off course to correct for... thus forcing us to steer by hand. We do have a wind vane steering thingee on board too... but despite the exciting amounts of chop, there wasn't enough wind for it to work either.

To make matters more frustrating, the wind was having a cereal moment... (you know when you're standing in the cereal aisle at the grocery store, and even though you will probably get the same kind you usually do, it takes you like 15 mins to look at all the options before you go with your tried tested and true brand?) In short, it was changing direction as fast as a kid you're trying to potty train that's running around with no pants on.