Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Still working on it...

Gahhhh we're hopefully leaving Victoria tomorrow... just waiting on some spare halyard parts, which with any luck will be ready this afternoon.

I'm sure there's a t-shirt in this somewhere... I just haven't thought of the right wording yet ;o)

Got the stinky egg smell pinned down to overcharging the battery, I don't recommend it, it stinks. Basically what was happening is the charger was taking the signal from one battery and charging a different one, so it was never reading full... and overcharging the other one.

It's been super cool so far though, wore my foul weather gear all the way down. The misty grey fog spitting rain never stopped so everything was damp, but I'm a wet coast girl anyways ;o) Saw a couple pods of porpoises, and a bunch of otters!

Got the radar reflector half up today, and I just want to say that I make climbing the mast look better...