Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I think I found my sea-legs. I was beginning to worry that I'd forgotten to pack them!

Now that I'm not *arfing* everything within an hour of eating/drinking it's really quite pretty out here! It definitely makes me feel small, every direction you look there is ocean all the way to the horizon, it's pretty crazy too some of the swells are so big that for a second they stick up *past* the horizon!

Yesterday while I was on watch about 5 porpoises came by to check us out... I say about 5 because they are so quick they were hard to count. They were zipping back and forth in the bow wave, I mean if they were kids, they'd totally be the kids that played in traffic. It was amazing that they never ran into the boat or each other!

It's about 8am... and we're sitting at N 45.16.889 and W 128.06298 the Captain just let me have a fabulous 10 hour sleep, and other than being stiff all over I feel fantastic!