Saturday, September 04, 2010

Safety first

Started the morning clearing the tree branches back from above the road, so there was a little mis-communication, and a little yelling but we got it all sorted out. See I was under the impression we were clearing the trees for 'the truck' as in the yellow bomber (the Xterra)... somewhere along the line through my zombie-like-haze I was supposed to have telepathetically figured out that it was for the truck hauling 'The Other Boat' out here... *lightbulb*

So picture this, the Captain was up at the top of an extended ladder trying to get a chainsaw to start, sidenote: it might have had water in the fuel. Now our family is all about safety first, so I was the 'spotter'. The spotters job is *not* at the base holding the ladder... no, I was safely out of the way of any falling debris, be it the tree branch, the ladder, the chainsaw or even the Captain himself.

The spotters job is to watch the ensuing chaos and yell really loudly if anything happens or *looks* like it might cause bodily harm. As you might imagine this is a pretty tough job in our family, since you have to adjust the point at which you yell to a higher danger level than 'standing at the top of a ladder with a running chainsaw cutting branches'.

Basically someone has got to be leaking before you start to holler, but it's okay I know first aid.