Monday, September 20, 2010

We survived

Made it out the straight just fine, and were greeted and sent on our way by 4 or 5 pairs of whales! Blowing and tail waving and even one breeched :)

After that it got dark and there was nothing to orient on, it was pretty weird, you mostly had to look at the compass and trust it was working.

We turned South this morning, from around N 48.27.587 and W 126.54.898 we were doing doughnuts in the lack of wind... nobody really cares if you do doughnuts in the middle of the Pacific :)

Bleary eyed and little nauseous we survived our first couple nights out in the open ocean. The last couple days have been a complete blur, even with the Scopolamine patch I'm just starting to feel human again.

My core muscles sure have been getting a work out though, as we amble our way south in the general direction of Hawaii, it feels kind of like trying to sit on a mechanical bull. Lots of fun once your stomach and your eyes agree that everything is where it should be.

Its around 1pm and we've made some progress though as we're now, N 47.35.349 and 127.12.942